Unisex and Single Valentine Gift Ideas 2018

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Unisex and Single Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is around the corner and I thought I would make a list of unisex valentine gift ideas for men, women, and singles because you know, treat yo self! When I think of Valentines Day, I think of cholcoate, roses, and hearts. But to be honest I like all those things but something more out of the box will get my attention.  On that note, here are 5 AWESOME gift ideas that are unisex and for single Valentines!

1. Tickets to a concert/show

Everyone loves live music and entertainment. Its an amazing gift for all types of couples. Dating someone new? Take them to a concert. It shows you're adventurous and think outside the box. Long term couple? Even more perfect! You've been doing valentines day for years, same dinner, same bouquet of flowers, etc. Spice it up and do something outside the norm. And for you singles out there: go to a concert alone. TRUST ME, its worth it!
Unisex and Single Valentine Gift Ideas

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2.  Google Home

Honestly the Google home has saved my life on many occasions. Awkward moment? "Hey Google, say a funny joke". Want to set the mood while he/she is in the restroom? "Hey google, play romantic music!". It also literally knows everything and anything. I have Amazon Alexa too...I know weird. But I have them talk to each other sometimes and its even more weird. So I added both down below for you to shop. 

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3. Polaroid Camera

I don't know what it is but polaroids just come out perfect every damn time. This gift is so cute in my opinion. It allows you to capture memories the "old fashion" way and it instantly prints it out.. obvs. Not only can you take photos on Valentines Day with this but you can take it with you anywhere. Theme park with friends, beach day, and even a cute date you want to remember. Probably my favorite item on this list!
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4. Bottle Holder

This is a bottle holder like you've never seen before. Kinda a gift for anyone that likes beer so basically everyone I know.  It holds ya beer.....like are you kidding me haha.  And if you're not a beer drinker it can work for any container that's metal...soda cans, sparkling water,  mason jars etc. It's literally just awesome and you need it.

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5.  Bath Time Relaxation

Everyone loves to relax in a hot bath and if you don't then I just don't know what to say to you...lol. Take a bath by yourself, with your partner, or take it to the next step with you regular hook up. Down below I added some of my favorite bath time essentials so you can have a relaxing valentines day either stalking your ex or soaking it up with your lover.
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