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Different types of shirts for men
Lets face it, the t-shirt is now a basic staple in our wardrobe. Decades ago t-shirts were looked at as something to throw on when doing dirty work or lounging around the house, but has evolved to a very classic look. Something as simple as  blue jeans and a well fitted plain white tee  (James Dean) is a look that can look amazing on some guys.
But there is a lot of confusion between a t-shirt and an undershirt. An undershirt is something to be worn under clothes to absorb any sweat you may product after a long day to protect your button downs or jackets. A t-shirt are the basic cotton shirts that come in all kinds of colors and different styles, but the best are made of Egyptian cotton or pima cotton. They can be used as just a solo article or layered with jackets and button downs, however creative you want to be.
There are three basic types of t-shirts that are worn: the crew neck, v-neck, and scoop/swoop neck.

Crew Neck

The most common shirt worn, these have the round collars worn by almost everyone. They can be worn by themselves or good for layering with sweaters, cardigans, jackets, etc.

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Some like these and some don’t. These have a V shaped collars and show a little more of your neck and chest and can be great for guys with broader chins. Be careful not to go to deep on your V-necks or it can turn your style from relaxed to weird.

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Scoop/Swoop Neck

These shirts are my all time favorite right now. They have a light scoop just enough to show your collar bones. Shop my favorites below.

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When To Wear A T-Shirt

T-shirts are best worn when taking a street style approach. They are made to look relaxed and chill. If you are going to some type of “event” or if the dress code is formal, a nice button down should be warn rather than a t-shirt. Depending on the situation, sometimes a plain t-shirt can be worn underneath a sport coat, but be cautious because you don’t want to be too under dressed.

The Fit

T-shirts obviously look best on a fit build, but if you find the right fit it can look great on almost any body type. A t-shirt shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight. If it’s to baggy, it can look like a gown rather than a tee and a too tight shirt can look like a female body suit. Not flattering…
You want to find a shirt in-between these two but sometimes it can be hard finding the perfect sleeve length and body length ratio. Make sure the shoulder seems should end right where your shoulders end, and the length of your shirt should be a few inches past your belt.
For larger men, the best kinds of shirts to wear are short sleeve henley and polos. These shirts drives attention to the face and keeps attention away from the belly.


The traditional solid colors are the best when choosing classic looking tees.
Navy– very sharp-looking on almost all body types.
Gray- a complimentary color to outfits, but be wary because it can easily show armpit sweats.
Black– The hardest to pull off because it can make you look hard and mean (unless thats the look you’re going for).
White – The original of them all, it can be used for layering or by itself. Best paired with jeans.

Graphic Tees

I like small logo tees or phrases can be good with layering as long as it is not to busy or pulling attention away from the rest of your outfit. Keep those crazy shirts for when you’re lounging around the house or at the gym.

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In today’s fashion, a t-shirt is a staple part of our wardrobe and you need to make sure you’re utilizing the most of it as you can. Before putting your outfit together, remember to make sure your shirt has the right color, fit, and style before leaving the house. If done correctly, these basic tees will make you feel confident and look sharp.

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