Men's Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

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Men's Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

Every year Spring comes around and we all kinda know what to do to play it safe. You know florals for spring blah blah blah. But this year at New York Fashion Week I saw some trends that stood out collection after collection. The style now it becoming edgier and more different than ever. You have to have seen those ugly Balenciaga space shoes. I linked those Balenciaga shoes for reference here. They have the high fashion bloggers rockin' them or... I mean...paid to rock them. Sorry I just can't get on board with it. But that is the cool thing about style, everyone has their own opinion. Anyways listed down below are the 6 Men's Fashion Trends for Spring 2018 down below. Enjoy!


Relaxed Fit Jeans/Pants

Bold/Tropical Print Shirts

Color Blocking

Side bag/fanny pack

Bold Colors Statement Pieces

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