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A little update about my life. I recently dropped my bandana line that you can find HERE on etsy or you can go to www.wastedhypeshop.com for free domestic shipping.  A little side note: all the money I get from blogging and my ETSY SHOP are going to opening up my own boutique clothing store. The influencer world can be gone in a minute and I want to have something tangible to share with you all. One day you will be walking in to Wasted Hype Stores and shopping my e-commerce site. That being said I am extremely overwhelmed by the amount of you that have already purchased one or even several at a time. I am heading out tomorrow to source more unique patterns for ya'll.  Now about this look. Lately I am all about the tucked in look. Almost anything I wear now is tucked in to my jeans. It's a classic vibe that I really don't want to go back out of style again. Anyways, hope you all enjoy your easter weekend! I am coloring eggs tonight with the fam then typical easter shenanigans on Sunday. Should I do a easter sale?? Let me know if that sounds good! Happy Easter everyone! 

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