What To Pack For A Short Trip

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What To Pack For Short Trips-Travel Guide
Packing for a short trip can be hard. What to bring? What's to much? And I bet you're gonna wait till last minute like usual. I got you covered with this simple guide of how to pack before a trip. I also help you with tips on alternatives, must haves, and secrets to make packing a breeze.

1. Luggage

First you have to start with what luggage you will be bringing. For me I always bring a smaller luggage because I am cheap and do anything I can do avoid checking a bag. The first time I went abroad for 3 weeks I brought a thin fabric like duffle bag that was definitely something that needed to be checked but since it was "flexible" I smushed it in to the carry on container and didn't make eye contact with the flight attendant lol. Since then that is what I do every time. Besides that here are some great carry on luggages that are my favorite.

2.  Organizing

Now that you have your luggage you have to organize what you're going to wear! Obviously the most important part for me. When packing, I count the number of days I will need outfits for and then add two to every piece. For example, if I am going to New York for 4 days I will bring 6 shirts, 6 pants, underwear, socks, etc. Just in case because its the worst is when you thought that top was gonna look rad but the time comes to wear it and you just aren't vibing with it anymore. But guess what? Now you have your back-ups.

Tip: Some times I take photos of my outfits so when I am traveling I kinda have a idea of what I am doing that day and swipe through my outfit photos to see what best fits for that day

Down below is what I usually wear to travel in!

3. Toiletry Bag

Once you have your outfits chosen its now time to pack your toiletries. I made a list of what I always check off before zip up.

  • toothpaste, tooth brush, floss etc. (leave the electric toothbrush at home for on the go traveling...my $100 toothbrush is in London at the Hostel Clink...RIP)
  • Deodorant (don't be that guy)
  • shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  • Face wash and lotion (Tip: start using face lotion in general PLEASE. SPF is a plus)
  • chapstick/lip balm (last thing you want is to be searching for the nearest CVS)
  • Any prescriptions/contacts/vitamins/supplements you may be taking 
I added a convenience kit and other goodies down below via Amazon

4.  What You might forget

Guess what, you probably will forget something. Here is a list of random items you NEVER think about checking before you go.

  • phone charger (I ALWAYS leave this...its kinda embarrassing) 
  • wallet
  • passport 
  • sunglasses (you might be leaving at night or early morning and just plain forget this one) 
  • belt 
  • oil wipes 
  • snacks (c'mon don't forget this one) my favorite is gold fish and beef jerky
  • cash (go to the atm and pull out money) last thing you need is to be stuck without it when technology decides to stop working.

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