How To Wear Cologne Correctly

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How To Wear Cologne Correctly
Where Should I Spray My Cologne?

When spraying your cologne location is very important. The most popular places to spray it is on your pulse points. These places would be the neck, the wrist, and behind your ears. It’s important to put it on these points because when the sprayed cologne comes into contact with warm skin, it will release the mix of your scent with the cologne more prominently making the smell unique to you.
Note: Never EVER spray cologne to try to mask a sweaty smell. It's really obvious when people do that. Always use your cologne on fresh, clean skin after a shower for best results.
Bonus Tip: When spraying on your wrist, don’t rub it in-between the two as it will crush the molecules of the fragrances and releases it faster, making it last less.
How Much Should I Use?
Remember, don’t be that guy that walks past people and makes them hold their breathe until you’re 15 feet away. The number one rule should be that you shouldn't soak yourself in your cologne. You should only use a few sprays on your pulse points and nothing more. If you’re using good quality cologne like the scents I will label below, it should be able to last all day.
Which Fragrance Should I Choose? 
When it comes to your fragrances that you use, it is important to choose quality over anything else. Everyone can tell a difference between a guy using Axe body spray (high school locker room) and bond No.9
Here are some of my favorite colognes that you should consider like ChanelKiehl's Since 1851Acqua Di Gio, and Le Labo:

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