6 Step Skin Care Routine For Men

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More and more men are starting to realize that it doesn’t make you any "less of a man" (what does that even mean anyway?) to have a good face care routine every night and there is a growing amount of men who get professional facials frequently. But if you’re not ready to head to the spa, here are a few steps to take to have a similar experience. Trust me, your skin will appreciate it. Every product I 100% recommend. 

Step 1: Cleanse your face

Start the facial off with the most basic step that you should be doing every day, cleaning your face with your daily face wash. Take one or two pumps and rub in to a lather in a circular motion on face. Then rinse off with warm water. I use Blackwood For Men BioNutrient Foaming Face Wash
6 Step Skin Care Routine For Men

Step 2: Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating should be done about two times a week as it will get the excess dead skin off and bring out your newer, brighter skin. Exfoliated will have little pieces in it, like clay or beads, that will refine the skins surface. Just make sure not to scrub too hard.The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is my favorite! 
6 Step Skin Care Routine For Men

Step 3: Mask

This is the step that you probably have seen in the movies, green mask on the face with cucumbers over the eyes. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic though. Just choose your favorite type of mask and leave it on your face for instructed time (I always do longer if ingredients aren't harsh) then wipe off with a wet towel.Try the Brilliant Skin Detoxify + Brightener Mask
6 Step Skin Care Routine For Men

Step 4: Close Your Pores

After you take off your mask, your pores will be freshly clean and open so you need to make sure you finish up the facial with closing those pores so more dirt doesn’t get in it. Get cold water and splash it upon your face, focusing the areas that your pores are prominent in like your nose.

Step 5: Toner

This step is key to get rid of oily skin and is often skipped by most guys. Apply a toner to the parts of your skin that are the oiliest and are most prone to blemishes. Only skip this step if you already have dry skin as it will only make your skin drier. This Insta Natural Toner is a very mild one for most skin types. 
6 Step Skin Care Routine For Men

Step 6: Moisturize

I can not tell you how important this step is enough! Want to know how some men in their 40s and 50s still look like they might be in their late 30s? It’s because they moisturized when they are younger. Make sure you go to the store and buy some right now if you don’t own any or get your Baxter Of California Oil Free Moisturizer here, your older self will thank you. For after facials, you can go with something more heavier than normal if you like so it can really soak in.
6 Step Skin Care Routine For Men

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