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"New year, New me" right? So it's 2018 and everyones' trying to improve any way they can. I put together a list of six tips to boost my productivity so I can start my year off right. 

1. Early Bird Gets The Worm

Almost everyone hates getting up early, but there are plenty of benefits of waking up before everyone else. Not only will you get things done before everyone else does, but you will miss the traffic and have some peace and quiet in the office to concentrate before the rest of the team gets in
2. Take Breaks

Studies have shown that taking scheduled regular breaks will boost your productivity and concentration. Make sure you give time to yourself to breathe and enjoy the day in-between busy projects. Long work hours with no breaks scientifically leads to steady decline in performance.
3. Make Your List

Take 20 minutes in the morning to write out everything you want to get done in the day, that way you stay on track of your duties. Pick the most important task and prioritize them and knock them out one by one. This will help you get the most important task done first as well as eventually give you less stress.
4. Get Rid Of Distractions

Even the tiniest distractions can throw off what we are doing. Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, put your headphones in and get to work. Schedule some time where you know you won’t get distracted by coworkers to get important task done.
5. Cut Out Unnecessary Habits

While you’re at work or trying to get something done, stay off your social medias like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Quit eating junk food during work as well as it will make you feel groggy and slow down your day.
6. Take It One At A Time

People always try to multitask and think they are being smart with their time but statistically you will get more things done if you do it one at a time rather than multitasking. Pick a task, finish it, and move onto the next without trying to do anything else. You’ll notice the difference it makes in your work load.


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