7 Types Of Shoes You Need To Own Right Now

by - 9:32 AM

Is there such a thing as too many shoes? Never! Every man needs a handful of shoes in their closet. They are a staple piece to every outfit. Many people won't remember what jeans you wore or what jacket you had on last night. But everyone will remember a dirty pair of sneakers so you better step up your game and read the rest of this post asap. Shoes tell a lot about how a man lives his life and how he takes care of himself. A sick pair of kicks means a put together guy.. or at least it may convince people you got it together! Heres a list of 7 types of shoes you need to own right now!

Types Of Shoes You Need To Own

1. Pair of white sneakers

2. Pair of Vans

3. Chelsea Boots

4. Designer/dress shoes

5. Lace-up boots

6. Casual sneakers 

7. Runners 

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